The Opening of the honoring exhibition of the late artist Fouad Jaouhar

خلال افتتاح المعرض التكريمي للفنان الراحل فؤاد جوهر:
“بعد النشيد الوطني اللبناني والوقوف دقيقة صمت تحية لروح الراحل ، تحدث منسق المعرض الفنان زاهر البزري فقال :نحتفل اليوم بتكريم علم من أعلام مدينتنا صيدا الذي حملها في ألوان جدران قلبه وفي وجدان حنين تراثها، حاكى تفاصيل زواياها .ولم يكن فؤاد جوهر إلا حلما من احلام المدينة، فهو لون ايامنا بأجمل الصور والمواضيع وصوّر ذكرياتنا في أجمل ابداع وتأليف.. رائد من رواد الحركة التشكيلية اللبنانية والعربية، حمل صيدا في قلبه ووجدانه ومثلها خير تمثيل في الخارج، و كان حتى في صراعه مع المرض يصارع للافضل والاجمل لمدينته واهله، لم يفارق العطاء والمساندة في نشاطات الشبكة المدرسية لصيدا والجوار ، ملهما ومشرف ومبدعا. “

المقابلة الكاملة – The Interview

Recent News

Participation in the National Day of Lebanese Art Exhibition المشاركة في معرض اليوم الوطني للفن التشكيلي اللبناني

I participated in the National Day of Lebanese Plastic Art organized by the Association of Lebanese Artists for Painting and Sculpture and the Syndicate of Lebanese Plastic Artists under the auspices of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, on February 25 until March 2, 2022 through the painting “A Bullet in the Window”.
What we are witnessing of conflicts in politics, the economy and wars in several places in the world, and what we witnessed in Lebanon from the explosion of the port to the economic and social situation…. and the attack on nature and man, it was necessary to struggle with ideas and symbols and their reflection on the window glass…

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Digital Art

The Last Dance

Congratulations Dana Bizri … I’m so proud to be part of “The Last Dance” animation short film …participating in Beirut Shorts International Film Festival

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The exhibition “Leaves and leaves in the wind” inaugurated at the Royal Gardens of Venice: protagonists 500 children ambassadors of peace

An exhibition of all the works participating in the Venice Beirut project was held by artists and students in the wonderful Italian city of Venice, in the presence of a number of artists and students. This morning about two hundred of the young students involved in the initiative, together with their teachers, took part in the inauguration of the exhibition, in the presence of the president of the municipal council Ermelinda Damiano, the councilor for the environment Massimiliano De Martin, the patriarch of Venice Francesco Moraglia. Also present were Adele Re Rebaudengo, president of the Venice Gardens Foundation, the honorary consul of Lebanon in Venice, Youssef Mhanna, the councilor for the school of the Municipality of Cavallino Treporti Alberto Ballarin and the creator of the project Nadia De Lazzari.

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