IMPULSE II - Panel 1 : The Floating Theatre in Saida, with Zaher El Bizri

REMEMBERING THE FLOATING THEATRE IN SAIDA with Zaher Bizri During the 1960’s, Saida witnessed floating theatre events and festivals. Why did it disappear? This panel will focus on how we can revive it again in a way that suits our time we are living in with all the current changes that we face every day. Zaher Bizri will go back to the history of the floating theatre: what was the idea behind it, who were the founders? What art and artists did it feature? What impact did it have on the people and the city? How was it planned, organized, and implemented, what were the communication skills they used back then to announce it? How did people know about it? What managerial skills did it require? This panel moderated by Nahla Zibaoui took place in Saida at Ishbilia Theatre and Art Hub on July 14th, 2023.