The artist has a distinguished relationship between himself and his community, and he has a direct influence on his works and artistic mission.

Cornish Collection

A series of watercolors and ink artworks depict the social life at the Cornish (sea walk side at the city of Sidon - South Lebanon)
New Artwork

Meeting the artist

An interview with the visual art teacher Mrs. Safaa Badih (colleague artist), produced by Mr. Moustafa Badih. Meeting the ArtistUnder the theme of “How We

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Meeting with the Lebanese Minister of Culture

LAAPS meeting with the Lebanese Minister of Culture Mr. Roni Arayji. “لقاء الهيئة الادارية لجمعية الفنانين للرسم والنحت مع وزير الثقافة اللبناني الاستاذ روني عريجي.

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Lebanese-French artist, graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebanese University, year 2000. He has many participation in exhibitions inside and outside Lebanon, and his works are spread in several countries, including France, the United States of America, Britain, and Syria.