The artist has a distinguished relationship between himself and his community, and he has a direct influence on his works and artistic mission.

Interview on SKY NEWS Arabia

اثناء المشاركة في لقاء حواري على تلفزيون سكاي نيوز مع المؤرخ الدكتور خالد الكردي و النائب شربل مسعد و الفنان المبدع الممثل مازن معضم ضمن برنامج من اخراج المبدعة المبدعة زلفا عساف، تناول الحوار حول اهمية التاريخية لمدينة صيدا و خان الافرنج.
While participating in an interview on Sky News Arabia with historian Dr. Khaled Al-Kurdi, MP Charbel Massad, and the creative artist and actor Mazen Moadam, within a program directed by the creative Zalfa Assaf, the dialogue discussed the historical importance of the city of Sidon and Khan Al-Afranj.

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Let’s Talk about LOVE

في زمن الحرب، يكون الحديث عن الحب بارقة أمل. فالحرب والحب ثنائية متناقضة، ولكن إذا أسقطنا حرف الراء يتساويان؛ حكايات الحب هذه حملها الثنائي الصيداوي رئيس جمعية الشارع الثقافي الفنان زاهر البزري والناقد والكاتب إبراهيم توتنجي، بطريقة مختلفة، وغير تقليدية إذ قررا أن يسبرا أغوارها على لسان أصحابها كاشفين عن أسرار عواطفهم في مسيرة حياتهم.

In times of war, talking about love is a glimmer of hope. War and love are a contradictory duality, but if we drop the letter “r,” they become equal. These love stories were conveyed by the Sidonian duo, head of the Cultural Street Association, the artist Zaher Al-Bizri, and the critic and writer Ibrahim Totenji, in a different and unconventional way, as they decided to explore their depths through the words of their owners, revealing the secrets of their emotions in the course of their lives.

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Lebanese-French artist, graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebanese University, year 2000. He has many participation in exhibitions inside and outside Lebanon, and his works are spread in several countries, including France, the United States of America, Britain, and Syria.

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