The artist has a distinguished relationship between himself and his community, and he has a direct influence on his works and artistic mission.

Arab Fine Arts Festival

I participated in the Arab Fine Arts Festival an online exhibition organized by the International Orac Association. المشاركة في المعرض الافتراضي للمهرجان الفن التشكيلي العربي

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Animation Story book

Story by Ali Ezzeddine animation and drawing by Zaher El Bizri original book illustration by Alexandra Williams. تحريك ورسم عناصر قصة الكاتب الصديق علي عز الدين “نخلة

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Corniche Collection

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Lebanese-French artist, graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebanese University, year 2000. He has many participation in exhibitions inside and outside Lebanon, and his works are spread in several countries, including France, the United States of America, Britain, and Syria.

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