The artist has a distinguished relationship between himself and his community, and he has a direct influence on his works and artistic mission.

Lecture for HHHS students
لقاء حواري مع طلاب ثانوية حسام الدين الحريري

الفنّ هو الحياة، والحياة هي الحياة، ولكن فنّ الحياة أن تحيا حياتك بفنّ”.
في إطار المحور الدّراسيّ المقرّر لصفّ الثّانوي الثّالث (فرع علوم الحياة فرنسي) “l’artiste et son milieu”، وبغية ربط المعارف المكتسبة بالواقع المعاش، تمّ تيسير ندوة يسّرها الزّميل الأستاذ زاهر البزري كرسّام وناشط إجتماعيّ،

Art is life, and life is life, but the art of life is to live your life with art.”
Within the framework of the subject of study for the third year of secondary school (French branch of life sciences) “l’artiste et son milieu”, and in order to link the acquired knowledge to the lived reality, a symposium was facilitated by our colleague Professor Zaher Al-Bizri, a painter and social activist.

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Qatar Expo 2023

مشاركتي في معرض خاص بالجناح اللبناني في معرض الدوحة ٢٠٢٣ Qatar Expo 2023 بالتعاون مع iman Art والسفارة اللبنانية في قطر و جمعية الفنانين اللبنانيين للرسم والنحت.
My participation in a special exhibition in the Lebanese pavilion at Qatar Expo 2023, in cooperation with iman Art, the Lebanese Embassy in Qatar, and the Lebanese Artists Association for Painting and Sculpture.
LAAPS #zaherbizri #expoqatar2023

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Visit Al Kayan International High School

كان لي شرف زيارة ثانوية الكيان الدولية، ولقاء المدير الرؤيوي الدكتور اسد الله همدر، والدكتور المتألق حيدر رز، والادارة العامة، حيث غمروني بحسن الاستقبال، وكل الشكر لاتاحة هذه الفرصة للاطلاع على مسيرة الكيان المتنورة، على امل المزيد من التقدم و الازدهار والتألق، واستمرار التعاون الثقافي والفني.
“I had the honor of visiting Al Kayan International High School and meeting the visionary director, Dr. Assadullah Hamdar, and the brilliant Dr. Haider Riz, along with the general administration. They welcomed me warmly, and I extend my gratitude for providing the opportunity to learn about the enlightened journey of the institution. Looking forward to further progress, prosperity, brilliance, and continued cultural and artistic collaboration.”
@kayaninthighschool #zaherbizri #watercolors #sketch #artist #artinlebanon #saida #culturalstreet #artinspiration

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Lebanese-French artist, graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Beirut, Lebanese University, year 2000. He has many participation in exhibitions inside and outside Lebanon, and his works are spread in several countries, including France, the United States of America, Britain, and Syria.

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