A Honored certificate from Al Reayah Association

A Honored certificate from Al Reayah Association and Municipulity of Saida for my participation in the renovation of the streets of Saida, where is drew a mural.

شهادة تقدير ومشاركة من جمعية الرعاية وبلدية صيدا في مشروع احياء الاحياء، حيث تم تنفيذ جدارية والمساعدة في ترتيب وتجميل حي البراد في مدينة صيدا.


Meeting the artist

An interview with the visual art teacher Mrs. Safaa Badih (colleague artist), produced by Mr. Moustafa Badih. Meeting the ArtistUnder the theme of “How We

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Beirut Venice Art project

A project between Beirut (Lebanon) and Venice (Italy) is a student art project between students and 14 artists from both countries – Italian students and

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Corniche Collection

From the Corniche collection, which is a series of watercolors that depict the social movement of the pioneers of the Corniche Al-Sidawi and the nature

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