Shooting video clip with the singer Saber El Rebai and the director Walid Nassif

Shooting video clip with the singer Saber Robaii and the director Walid Nassif. I have drew all the video clips scenes that you see in black and you can see it all in the credit.

تصوير فيديو كليب مع المطرب صابر الرباعي من اخراج وليد ناصيف. ولقد رسمت مشاهد الفيديو كليب كافة التي ترونها باللون الاسود وفي اخر الفليم ترونها مجتمعة.


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Participation in the National Day of Lebanese Art Exhibition المشاركة في معرض اليوم الوطني للفن التشكيلي اللبناني

I participated in the National Day of Lebanese Plastic Art organized by the Association of Lebanese Artists for Painting and Sculpture and the Syndicate of Lebanese Plastic Artists under the auspices of the Lebanese Ministry of Culture at the UNESCO Palace in Beirut, on February 25 until March 2, 2022 through the painting “A Bullet in the Window”.
What we are witnessing of conflicts in politics, the economy and wars in several places in the world, and what we witnessed in Lebanon from the explosion of the port to the economic and social situation…. and the attack on nature and man, it was necessary to struggle with ideas and symbols and their reflection on the window glass…

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