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Interview on SKY NEWS Arabia

اثناء المشاركة في لقاء حواري على تلفزيون سكاي نيوز مع المؤرخ الدكتور خالد الكردي و النائب شربل مسعد و الفنان المبدع الممثل مازن معضم ضمن برنامج من اخراج المبدعة المبدعة زلفا عساف، تناول الحوار حول اهمية التاريخية لمدينة صيدا و خان الافرنج.
While participating in an interview on Sky News Arabia with historian Dr. Khaled Al-Kurdi, MP Charbel Massad, and the creative artist and actor Mazen Moadam, within a program directed by the creative Zalfa Assaf, the dialogue discussed the historical importance of the city of Sidon and Khan Al-Afranj.

Zodiak Media – Interview

The art of the oldest city, Sidon, is an attraction and inspiration for the artists and one of the experiences we had a chance to discuss with the street painter Mr. Zaher El-Bizri. His passion and his aim to paint and to visualize the remarkable legacy of the Sidon city in Lebanon. To transform authentic vibes of the city to the peace of art. Nowadays, everybody can do quick photos on the street and record the video from the spot. However, Zaher’s art is the tribute song to the values of the city, his legacy, and attachment to the beautiful inspiration for the youngsters. Watch the full episode on our storytelling platform.


with Zaher Bizri

During the 1960’s, Saida witnessed floating theatre events and festivals. Why did it disappear? This panel will focus on how we can revive it again in a way that suits our time we are living in with all the current changes that we face every day. Zaher Bizri will go back to the history of the floating theatre: what was the idea behind it, who were the founders? What art and artists did it feature? What impact did it have on the people and the city? How was it planned, organized, and implemented, what were the communication skills they used back then to announce it? How did people know about it? What managerial skills did it require?

This panel moderated by Nahla Zibaoui took place in Saida at Ishbilia Theatre and Art Hub on July 14th, 2023.

Meeting the artist

An interview with the visual art teacher Mrs. Safaa Badih (colleague artist), produced by Mr. Moustafa Badih. Meeting the ArtistUnder the theme of “How We Express Ourselves” and the central idea “Culture provides inspiration to Artists”, I met with the artist Zaher Bizri in his atelier to explore and analyze the visual arts that represent […]

Martyr painting published in Vatican Newspaper

My Artwork “Martyr” (Acrylic on wood panel) published in the Vatican Newspaper L’Osservatore Romano * (Issue #Fiftieth year, number 28 (2505), 14 July 2017) under the Papal Document “A fourth path to sainthood”* L’Osservatore Romano (pronounced [losservaˈtoːre roˈmaːno]; Italian for “The Roman Observer”) is the daily newspaper of Vatican City State which carries the Pope’s […]

Interview on FUTURE TV

Interview on FUTURE TV (Lebanon) during the live show ALAM AL SABAH, talking about my Solo Exhibtion at the Yacht Club Beirut. مقابلة في تلفزيون المستقبل خلال برنامج المباشر عالم الصباح مع الاعلامي جوزف حويك، دار الحوار حول معرضي الفردي الجديد في نادي اليخوت في بيروت. Recent News Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter […]

Interview on Radio Orient about my short video to promote Saida city

Interview on Radio Orient about my short video to promote Saida city and my participation in the series Jarimat Shaghaf in Ramadan.   لقاء في اذاعة الشرق من بيروت خلال برنامج حديث الجنوب حول الفيلم الترويجي لمدينة صيدا و رسوماتي خلال مسلسل “جريمة شغف” للفنان قصي خولي بمشاركة الفنان مازن معضم والفنانة جميلة عوض. الذي […]

Interview on Radio Orient

A Live interview on Radio Orient during the “Southern Talk Show” program, with Mr. Tarek Abu Zeinab, about me and my artworks. مقابلة على اذاعة الشرق من بيروت، مع الاستاذ طارق ابو زينب خلال برنامج حديث الجنوب، مباشرة على الهواء، تناولت المقابلة تعريف عني وعن اعمالي الفنية. Recent News Share on facebook Facebook Share on […]

Interview on SNOB magazine

An interview on SNOB magazine about my artworks and the importance of the ancient architecture influence in my artworks. تناولت المقابلة تأثير العمارة القديمة في اعمالي التشكيلية، كذلك ماهية الموضوعات التي ارسمها وتعريف بي كفنان لبناني. Recent News Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Share […]

Shooting video clip with the singer Saber Robai and the director Walid Nassif

Shooting video clip with the singer Saber El Rebai and the director Walid Nassif Shooting video clip with the singer Saber Robaii and the director Walid Nassif. I have drew all the video clips scenes that you see in black and you can see it all in the credit. تصوير فيديو كليب مع المطرب صابر […]

Al Jazeera Channel Interview

Al Jazeera Channel Interview Talk during “Al Marssad” program at Al Jazeera TV, talking about the role of the Arab media and tv channels during the Arab spring revolution. تناولت حلقة من برنامج “المرصد” كثرة القنوات التلفزيونية العربية التي فاق عددها السبعمائة قناة ودورها في ثورة الربيع العربي. Recent News